Wally 94 "INTI" adds Carbo-Link rigging during a Summer upgrade program

Carbo-Link supplied a full rigging package to "INTI" during a vast winter/early summer upgrade program. All rigging was designed, engineering and produced in Switzerland before shipping to La Spezia for final curing and stepping. 

The old rig rigging was thoroughly measured before the mast was pulled to build a 3D model of all geometry. From here Carbo-Link engineers designed the full package to interface with all existing spreader lifts, sweep and overall mast bend. 

INTI choose:

  • Solid carbon laterals
  • Solid carbon forestay to interface with existing furling unit and foil
  • Solid carbon backstay, pinned directly to the masthead crane, to interface with existing Harken block

We would also like to thank VelaMania for their assistance and professionalism. 

James Wilkinson