Introduction of aerospace 'lightning strike protection' technology into yacht rigging

Having engineered various solutions for the aerospace industry - where the chances of a lightning strike are extremely high - we have successfully added the same 'lightening strike technology' into a yacht rigging. 

The very nature of our consolidated carbon rigging offers an enhanced conductive path for lightning. We also have extensive experience from our aerospace engineering - laminating lightning strike protection into helicopter blades. 

Laminate winding manufacturing process - With integrated titanium thimbles at the lower and upper ends, there is no insulation against an electrical charge. This ensures thorough earthing of the rigging - preventing any charging from electrical and magnetic fields which may increase the probability of a strike. 

On-site curing - The process of ohmic curing, running a charge through the cables, inherently enhances the capacity to safely conduct electricity. 

In addition we are able to integrate a high conductivity layer within the carbon fibres during the lamination process. This is essentially a thin copper mesh which ensures low electrical resistance, improving grounding.

Repair - In the unlikely event it is first crucial to inspect the damaged areas. Following inspection, implementing effective repairs is simple using basic boat building materials. The process is similar to any carbon repair, but with the addition replacing and overlying the copper mesh and testing total cable conductivity. After ensuring effective conductivity, the rigging can be painted as original.  


James Wilkinson