fully customised rigginG solutions

Carbo-Link has been innovating and implementing cutting-edge solutions to the marine industry since 2001. 

We have a unique GL type approval where we have a range of cables certified. This allows us to independently size cables and terminations depending on stiffness and/or strength requirements. Subsequently, all cables and fittings can be as small as required whilst retaining structural integrity and fatigue life. 

Carbo-Link impregnates raw carbon fibres with custom resin systems to produce the most efficient and bespoke solutions for your demands. Whether you desire work load, EA or break load driven cables Carbo-Link are able to refine cable diameters, termination sizes, shapes and surface finish.
Carbo-Link has thrived in a collaborative environment, gaining deep knowledge and experience in handling often competitive sailing teams, spa manufacturers, sail designers and rigging contractors.



Optimal stiffness

Improved power transfer.
Improved response and transition time.
Reduced mast and sail distortion.
More power in all conditions.
Consistent mast tune with enhanced safety.


Greater speed and acceleration.
Reduced heel angle.
Reduced counter weight on deck / in keel.
Improved stability. 
Reduced dynamic motion and pitching.


Lowest windage

Elliptical and tapered sections available.
Minimal cross sectional profile at maximum load.
Elegant and sleek deck / mast interface.


Greatest durability

Proven dependability in all sailing conditions.
Less susceptible to fatigue. 
No creep and ultra low stretch.
No environmental degradation, no covers.
Considerable resistance to impact and chafe.