How Liebherr improved asset availability whilst reducing overall costs.

exclusive carbon cable supplier

For over 10 years Carbo-Link has been the exclusive supplier to Liebherr - the world's leading crane company. We have provided thousands of composite cables for high load, rugged construction equipment. Carbo-Link work in close collaboration with Liebherr to constantly evolve and develop new crane and cable integration designs. 



Liebherr required extremely reliable, high-load cables to support their worldwide crane portfolio in rugged and demanding environments. Environmental challenges, with varying temperatures and constant exposure to the elements, required a solution that could be relied upon at all times ensuring critical asset availability.    


Carbo-Link developed high strength, lightweight and durable cables which can be supplied to Liebherr anywhere in the world and installed with ease. Carbo-Link work closely with Liebherr to engineer highly compatible cable terminals and interfaces to improve installation in demanding environments. The cables are coated in a protective layer for mechanical reasons to significantly lengthen lifespan whilst dampening vibration from wind affects on high-rise cranes, improving performance and efficiency.  

  • Cables designed for working load ranges between 75 and 130 tons with load cycles of 3,000,000.
  • Carbo-Link's rigorous design, quality and testing processes ensure that all products exceed Liebherr's exacting standards.