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Successful stepping of Wally 148 'Saudade'

Saudade is nearing completion of some significant upgrades at STP Shipyards in Palma. Among these improvements is a full rigging package from Carbo-Link, aimed at saving weight aloft together with reducing overall windage of the spreader tips and rigging front area.

Another addition to Saudade's arsenal is a Carbo-Link torsional forestay, driven by a Reckmann furler unit and cable swivel combined with a Carbo-Link/Winmar designed and manufactured halyard swivel. The torsional forestay will add anew dimension to both racing and cruising, allowing for smooth and efficient sail control. Carbo-Link's unique halyard swivel engages with a thimble spline to drive 100% torque efficiency whilst sharing sail and halyard load with the halyard lock and all cable load on the forestay lug.

Removing the deck turnbuckles was a big bonus for Saudade. These have been replaced with minimal direct-to-chainplate V1 and D1 deck terminations.

Saudade features:

  • Full solid carbon rigging package
  • Continuous laterals
  • Torsional forestay
  • Single backstay 
  • Carbo-Link's unique halyard swivel
  • Lightweight aero-grade titanium terminations and fittings
  • Direct-to-chainplate V1 and D1 deck terminations 


James Wilkinson