Proven | Reliable | Consistent

Engineering critical components requires responsibility, maturity and experience. With over 20 years of innovating and integrating advanced composite technology, reliable components of a consistently high quality have become a foundation to successful and continued collaboration with a selection of the World's leading brands. Aligning our creativity and engineering intelligence with a company-wide focus on client priorities ensures excellence at every stage of the project process.

With ISO 9001 certification and Germanischer Lloyds Type Approval we pride ourselves on the safety and perfection of our solutions. Given the importance of R&D to advanced carbon fibre technology combined with our desire to enhance the value Carbo-Link offers our clients, we are currently working hard towards ISO 9100 certification. 

Rigorous quality control is embedded at every stage of a project lifecycle - it is an inherent design feature integrated from idea to conception. We continue to train, test and evaluate the system with internal audits to ensure our staff are highly-trained - and that our internal processes are second-nature. With skilled project managers integrating solutions on-site, our quality assurances extend beyond Switzerland. 


FEM & FMEA Process

  • FEM - Finite Element Analysis
  • FMEA - Failure Mode Effect Analysis
  • Both of these advanced design and process techniques are implemented at various stages of a project lifecycle to ensure consistency in high-quality production output whilst monitoring error tracking. 

Quality assurance infrastructure

  • ISO 9001 certified process across design, engineering and production.
  • GL type approval.
  • In-house testing capacity: fatigue, stress, chafe, torsion and impact. 

Consistent Quality Management

  • All production and assembly processes are documented in a computer-supported production data acquisition system.
  • This is used a quality management system to record production processes from receipt of raw materials through to delivery details.
  • The system allows for vertical integration of control, monitoring and tracking across Carbo-Link's diverse and complex solution portfolio. 

Unique Measurement equipment

  • Verification of design specifications is a decisive factor in the development of long-term reliability of our components.
  • Uncompromising assurance of delivery quality is met through testing critical dimensions and surface values, such as terminations and interfaces. 
  • Micro-thermal analysis technology examines test and live resins to ensure all matrices meet design parameters. 
  • Laser measurement technology used at multiple stages throughout production. 
  • Subsequently, verification and improvement of calculation methods is an essential prerequisite in advancing our carbon fibre technology and in the value we offer to our clients.