Delivering your cutting-edge solution

Carbo-Link are experts at efficiently delivering packages of all shapes and sizes around the globe. Considered internal processes between the logistics team and project managers - combined with close partnerships with first-class shipping and delivery companies - ensure timely delivery of your critical components.

Carbo-Link carefully manage the timing of each and every project deliverable to ensure that each step in the assembly process - and all organisations involved - can maximize productivity in along a strict timeline. Collaboration between management, installation teams and our internal departments is critical to ensure a seamless delivery process.



  • Standard packaging & custom packaging.
  • All customs documentation filed and completed. 
  • Option to ship our 40ft container - includes safe storage at destination.
  • By road, rail, ship and air.
  • Project managers accompany most shipments ensuring safe delivery and storage.
  • Dedicated logistics team.

What you can expect

  • Long cables delivered coiled where possible. 
  • Short cables can be delivered fully cured. 
  • Tubes shipped in 6m sections and bonded on-site.
  • All curing equipment delivered at installation stage.
  • All components thoroughly packed and secured for delivery.


  • Work with all major delivery companies.
  • Logistics are part of the initial design stage - maximising efficiency.  
  • Logistics department work with all parties involved to ensure smooth processes.
  • Customs and delivery paperwork completed as per destination requirements - and client demands.